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Sisma presents Evemet 200 at Formnext

Founded in 1961, SISMA can draw on the vast experience it has acquired in building over 130 machine models for the automatic production of gold chains.

Today, in the development of laser systems, SISMA has extended its know-how to the creation of production solutions for marking, welding, cutting, engraving and additive manufacturing.

SISMA is innovative by vocation, combining a modern and independent organisation of production with a broad, highly specialised human resources department to ensure the highest product quality and to respond promptly to market changes and demands.

The latest generation of 3D printers offered by SISMA and is part of a larger project in which these two classes of products pursue a unique and specialised dimension to generate added value for their users.

The printers are state-of-the-art production solutions that represent the most advanced technology on the market for the production of three-dimensional metal objects. They guarantee the highest standards both in the monitoring of the process, where the operating parameters are displayed during the process and provided in a final summary, and in the monitoring of the melting bath, where the joint use of video cameras and software allows instant verification of the quality of the fusion and the stability of the process.

Designed to best meet the production requirements of the industrial and medical sectors by also working with reactive metals, the brand new series offers a maximum pressure volume equivalent to a cylinder with a base diameter of 200 mm and a height of 200 mm.

250% load factor.
The powder hopper is large enough to deliver up to two and a half times the maximum print volume.

Full control.
In configuring the print settings with any type of metal powder available on the market.

Optimum density.
A new system for controlling the gas flow in the pressure chamber makes it possible to achieve optimum density over the entire working area without contaminating the laser protective lens.

It enables exceptional production performance, thanks to:

Two fully overlapping laser sources working together (full overlap).

State-of-the-art laser pulse management features that allow for better surface finish and reduced stress during part production.

Preheating of the printing plate up to + 200°C.

Industrial category components and control computer that guarantee greater process stability.

Two filter cartridges, each supporting up to 1000 printing hours.

An integrated extraction system for transferring residual dust from the build cylinder to the recovery tank without the need to use an external unloading station.

A meltpool monitoring system to analyse the laser beam and check the actual work quality.

An external dust management system via the MULTIPLO station for automatic screening, even in an inert atmosphere.


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