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Duplex showcases Duplex F2 two-directionally printer

DUPLEX 3D printers represent a new era of 3D printing, revolutionizing the traditionally one-directonal printing methods, speeding up the process, allowing the use of no or less support material and making it possible to build complex geometries.

DUPLEX F2 is developed based on the patented MAP™ technology, enabling the printing of an object from two different directions at the same time.

How is multi-directional printing possible?

We were asking the same question from ourselfes in the last couple of years. By rethinking the basic concept of creating physical 3D geometries we found the answers we were looking for. Now that we managed to prove our concept with a working SLA and FDM prototype we can confidently say that this will open a new era of Additive Manufacturing

What is the core benefit of MAP™?

It not only speeds to printing process up significantly, but due to the two-directional part growing starting from the mid-section of the printed object it significatnly reduces or eliminates the use of support materials, and makes it easy to print organic geometries.

How can I utilize this new technology?

A MAP™ powerd SLA and FDM prototypes have been developed and named DUPLEX S2 and F2, respectively. DUPLEX F2 is now in pre-order status, first delivery expected in March 2022. DUPLEX S2's SLA specifc MAP™ technology is for sale.


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