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Optomec Announces 60% Growth in Additive Electronics and Metal System Orders

Repeat Sales to Production Customers Driving Surge in Machine Demand.

Optomec Inc., a profitable supplier of solutions for 3D Printed Electronics and 3D Printed Metal, today announced a sharp increase in bookings during fiscal year 2021, including nearly 60% growth in new orders for its proprietary Aerosol Jet® and LENS® industrial printers.

The steep rise in recent sales puts business activity well ahead of pre-pandemic levels, where Optomec had already experienced 50% growth in 2019, and takes the total installed base to nearly 600 machines across more than 250 customers.

The company’s high growth in 2021 Bookings is being driven by repeat sales into pre-existing production customers and major accounts, including the following select highlights:

Fortune 50: $1M for +2 Additive Electronics systems (Wearables)
Fortune 500: $3M for +12 Additive Electronics systems (Semiconductor Pkg)
US DOD: $3.5M for +3 Metal Printers for production repair (Defense)
US Navy: $1M for +2 Additive Electronics systems (Defense)
Tier 1 Aerospace: $1.2M for 10th Metal Printer for production repair (Aviation)
Allied Navy: $1.3M for 2 Metal Printers for Spare Part production (Defense)
Fortune 500: 4th Additive Electronics system (Mobile Device)
“After an admittedly slow start to 2021, coincident with the global spike in COVID severity, sales quickly recovered in the second quarter and remained at a robust level through year end, despite the lag in recovery for historically fruitful commercial aviation and international markets.” said David Ramahi, Optomec CEO. “While much of this activity was born of long-standing relationships with production customers, the relative strength of our broader pipeline makes us optimistic that the growth trend will continue into 2022 and beyond.”

“We are further encouraged by the purely organic nature of our growth, the strong uptake of newly released products developed over the last year, and the fact that we were able to maintain profitably throughout the downturn and set the stage for margin improvement moving forward. These developments reaffirm the differentiated and strategic nature of our offerings, with their proven high ROIs and unique ability to deliver unparalleled performance gains.” he continued.



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