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Davos 2022: Poland stands a chance to become Europe’s manufacturing hub

A number of companies from all over the world are looking for business partners in Central Europe. This is a great opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs as well as entities investing in Poland. Such conclusions emerge from the panel discussion that took place at the Polish House during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The meeting was set under the theme “The role of CEE on the global value chains and competence centres map”. During the panel, the representatives of the major companies in the world, including Google Cloud, Honeywell, IBM and Polish giants such as Pekao, Asseco, KGHM and PESA, exchanged their ideas on the role of Central and Eastern Europe in global value chains.

The discussion was summed up by Leszek Skiba, President of Pekao S.A.: “We had a chance to discuss the importance of Central Europe, the Polish economy for investors, not only foreign companies, but also Polish ones, which actively participate in the global struggle for their position.”

In post-pandemic conditions, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine, it is already evident that a large number of companies are looking for business partners in our part of the continent.

“Delivering goods from Asia requires time, but also means the risk that the goods will not always arrive. The supply networks are unstable and in this context Central Europe is benefiting, and so do Polish entrepreneurs, who are our clients,” said the President of Pekao S.A.

On the one hand, we can observe an increase in demand for Polish and Central European products, and on the other, significant inflation resulting primarily from rising energy prices.

“Costs are growing in multiple areas. For many companies, payroll is also an additional cost increase. However, this is not as problematic as the occasional lack of manpower. The level of unemployment in Poland is one of the lowest among the countries of the entire European Union,” reminded Leszek Skiba.

Poland is also a country where a lot of people are highly skilled.

“As representatives of global giants such as Google or IBM have mentioned, individuals with excellent competences can be found here. For this reason, several companies are looking for opportunities to open their competence centres here,” added the Pekao President.



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