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Solvay Eliminates the need for Fluorosurfactants in its Tecnoflon FKM Portfolio

Solvay is leading the industry with the introduction of its breakthrough patented polymerization technology

Solvay, a global market leader in fluorochemistry, is introducing to the market a new portfolio of high-performance Tecnoflon® peroxide curable fluoroelastomers (FKM) produced without the use of fluorosurfactants (a type of PFAS used as process aids).

The proprietary new technology, called NFS (non-fluorosurfactant), marks a breakthrough in FKM polymerization and aligns with the company’s sustainability roadmap Solvay One Planet as Solvay is setting the direction for the fluoropolymers industry to a more sustainable economy.

“Our peroxide curable FKM portfolio has always been the broadest in the industry making Tecnoflon® a premier brand with our customers” said Georges Houtappel, Executive Vice President Automotive Business, Solvay Materials. “This unique new non-fluorosurfactant polymerization process underscores our leadership in innovation, confirming our firm commitment to increase capacity and create a sustainable future.”

In July 2022 Solvay will start the mass sampling of the new Tecnoflon® Peroxide curable grades to allow the market to test and adopt the NFS technology before the global roll-out of the new portfolio. We aim to transition Tecnoflon® FKM to NFS by the first quarter of 2024.

Peroxide curable FKM rubbers are key to many critical performance applications in industries from automotive and aerospace, oil & gas, chemical processing, to electronics and healthcare. Typical components include seals, gaskets, O-rings and hoses.



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