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Package Printer Sharavandi installed POLAR CuttingSystem

  Tamaz Sharikadze, Managing Director of SharavandiPackage Printer installed cutting system

A POLAR CuttingSystem was installed recently at Sharavandi, a package printer in Georgian Republic. Centerpiece is a POLAR High-Speed Cutter N 137 PLUS. The guillotine is complemented by a stack lift, jogger and counting scale. This CuttingSystem is the first of its kind in Georgia.

Due to the steady growth of the production volume the existing cutting equipment (three POLAR 92 guillotines) was not able to handle this volume anymore. So the company had to increase its cutting capacity to get rid of this bottleneck.

Sharavandi took the chance and opted for new POLAR equipment. Based on the good experience with the existing equipment the decision for POLAR was fairly easy. "Quality and reliability of POLAR machines are outstanding. Together with the user friendly operation it is an uncompromised piece of equipment", says Managing Director Tamaz Sharikadze.

Increased productivity

Sharavandi did a big step forward with the installation of their new POLAR CuttingSystem. The package printer has been able to increase his productivity by 50%. "Cutting of A1 sheets got much easier with the larger size POLAR machine", explains Mr. Sharikadze, Managing Director, the increased productivity. "In combination with the jogger and counting scale we can offer more services to our customers now. For this reason we have been able to win new customers as well. I am more than happy with the decision for the POLAR CuttingSystem".

POLAR equipment

POLAR stack lift LW 1000-4 provides ergonomic working at a user-friendly working height by automatic lifting and lowering of palletized cutting material. Efficiency of guillotine is increased by up to 10%, because working height remains constant throughout loading and unloading procedures. Operator's productivity curve remains constant.

The automatic jogger POLAR RA-4 prepares new material outside the cutting machine. The precise alignment of the material to be cut, and the resulting improved cutting accuracy lays the foundations of a uniform and high quality of the final product. The air removal feature improves the formation of blocks from the reams to be cut and reduces the production risks once more.

The POLAR counting scale is used to precisely measure the amount of printed sheets, which makes it ideal for processing labels, packaging material, postcards and business cards. Since the counting is done directly in the jogger there is no additional operation necessary.

High-speed cutter N 137 PLUS is the programmable all-round model with 18.5'' Touch-Screen operation for all standard cutting work with graphical programming. The machine is equipped with OptiKnife for an extended operating life of the knife as well as faster knife change. It offers greatest cutting accuracy with a mechanical positioning accuracy of 1/100 mm.


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