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EGGER reveals the packaging trends for 2020

Xaver Egger, expert for high-quality packaging, reveals the eight most important packaging trends for 2020: "Daily contact with our customers from various industries shows us every year the direction in which things will go," explains Xaver Egger, Managing Director of EGGER Druck + Medien. "The packaging year 2020 will definitely be an exciting year. Minimalist, environmentally friendly and provided with a gripping story - we are already looking forward to the many different designs, colours, constructions and finishes".

Sustainable packaging
In times of climate crisis, customers are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly and plastic-free packaging. Materials that can be reused and are one hundred percent recyclable are often used. Intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions can help to avoid rubbish and waste, or can be reused. Sometimes all that remains is a banderole with the most important information about the product.
Minimalist packaging
Minimalism has become an integral part of packaging. While some packaging virtually "screams" for attention and wants to attract attention with lots of colours and information, minimalistically designed packaging is a real contrast on the sales shelf. Minimalist packaging conveys transparency and openness, only the essential is shown.
Small package sizes
More and more people are living alone and the most common form of housing in Germany is the single household - the trend is rising and in large cities the proportion of people living alone is even higher. Due to the large number of single households, the trend is clearly towards small pack sizes and generally towards trial packs and sizes. Particularly with small sizes, less has to be thrown away in case of limited shelf life products. Small package sizes are also very popular in the gift sector.
Connected Packaging or Smart Packaging
The rapid change from analogue to digital media has also been taking place in the packaging sector for some time. Connected Packaging or Smart Packaging links the analogue world with the digital world. This enables networking between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social media channels. In 2020 Connected Packaging will be increasingly relevant and will be found more frequently on folding boxes.
Plastic-free packaging and alternative materials - printed packaging made of grass paper
Plastic-free" is also the keyword in the high-quality packaging range. Especially high-quality packaging made of cardboard can do without plastic 100 percent. In addition to dispensing with plastic, the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials is playing an increasingly important role. An absolute trend material is the vegan grass paper. Grass paper is water- and energy-saving, saves CO2 and is free of chemical substances and mineral oils. It is also recyclable and compostable. Thanks to its low weight, it is particularly suitable for packaging - including food packaging.
Vintage Packaging Design
One trend that is continuing is vintage packaging design or retro packaging design. This vintage aesthetic evokes a sense of nostalgia in customers and is often used for special editions and company or product anniversaries. They convey to the customer a long-standing existence in the market and with the nostalgic touch many combine tradition and craftsmanship.
View of the product - packaging with viewing window
Transparent packaging is a big trend that plays with the colours and the product. Minimalist in design, such packaging places the product at the centre of attention. The customer can already see the product and it nestles together with the design to form a picture. Transparent packaging allows the customer to see the essentials. With folding boxes, this is achieved with individual viewing windows.
Packaging protects the product, provides relevant information, stands out on the shelf and helps build the brand. It is becoming increasingly important to tell a story with the packaging. This builds the connection to the target group and creates an emotional level. The storytelling concept is also interesting for online shops. Despite a lack of presence in the classic retail sector, they have access to both the website and the packaging.



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