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Mondi presents "Grow&Go", a range of sustainable packaging that protects fresh produce on its journey from farm to supermarket shelves to home

- Grow&Go is an optimised packaging product line for fruit and vegetables on their way from the farm to the supermarket shelves and back home.
- The product portfolio convinces with a market-leading variety of different sizes - from attractive, consumer-friendly crates and carrier bags to shipping cartons suitable for pallets
- Consciously sustainable for the circular economy, Grow&Go solutions are mono-material solutions made from easily recyclable paper and reduce food waste as fruit and vegetables are well protected in stackable, hygienic packaging

Grow&Go is the idea behind Mondi Corrugated Solutions' new product portfolio for the fresh fruit and vegetable segment. Mondi, a leading global packaging and paper company, has developed a range of purpose-built packaging solutions under the Grow&Go brand to protect fresh produce and move it safely, efficiently and conveniently from farm to fork and on to consumers' tables. Particularly attractive in these solutions is the wide variety of options available, covering everything from heavy bulk deliveries to light fruit and vegetable assortments for on-shelf display.
"There is a rapidly increasing demand for packaging for smaller portions," explains Jan Blankiewicz, Product Innovation Manager at Mondi Corrugated Solutions: "Small portion packaging offers many advantages for the end consumer, such as the possibility to take the selected product directly from the shelf in the packaging without touching the fresh produce. And by eliminating the hassle of scales and bags, these packs make the shopping experience more convenient. They also protect delicate produce like tomatoes on the way home." One of several Grow&Go solutions that meet this requirement is the World Star Award-winning Coral Tray, which offers ease of use and good protection, ventilation and visibility for fresh produce weighing up to one kilogram.
The Grow&Go product line also offers important logistical advantages, starting with the space-saving transport of flat corrugated cardboard packaging on pallets during delivery. Once erected and filled, all packaging variants are ideally stackable and stable enough to prevent damage to the fresh produce and thus minimise wastage of fruit and vegetables. Once at their final destination, the packaging solutions can then be easily pressed or folded and sent for recycling. Paper recycling in Europe is a success story: 83% of paper and board packaging is recycled. The entire portfolio complies with food contact material standards and is made entirely from paper raw materials from renewable sources, helping to build a circular economy. A recent life cycle assessment study showed that recyclable corrugated boxes have a lower environmental impact than reusable plastic boxes in 10 out of 15 categories, including climate change and resource consumption .
"Recent trends and legislation are driving the move away from plastic packaging for fresh produce. In addition, fresh produce in sustainable, fully recyclable packaging made only of paper, starch and glue is more attractive to customers. The high-quality corrugated board of Grow&Go solutions, often complemented by sustainable water-resistant and water-absorbent technologies, offers compelling alternatives to existing PE-coated packaging solutions in many cases," says Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director of Mondi Corrugated Solutions.




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