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Wound healing with plasma

Whether in the field of mobility, medicine or packaging - the use of printed electronics is diverse. Compared to conventional, rigid solutions, printed electronics are flat, flexible and lightweight.

This allows for optimal adaptation in different fields of application. Printed electronics are also used in wound healing. Schreiner ProTech has now developed a new EIF (Electronics in Films) product for Coldplasmatech GmbH's plasma therapy: This is an essential component of the PlasmaPatch or CPTpatch.

In the case of minor injuries such as cuts or lacerations, the skin regenerates quickly on its own. This is not the case with chronic and extensive wounds such as open feet in diabetics. These often involve a long and painful healing process and require medical treatment.
Coldplasmatech GmbH offers an innovative therapy option in wound healing with its patented Active Glow technology. The treatment unit consists of two parts. The CPTpatch is an active wound dressing. It is placed on the part of the body to be treated. The additional power supply, the CPTcube, generates cold plasma in the CPTpatch. This results in a fast, effective and painless wound treatment.
The application of the product is only made possible by printed electronics. Coldplasmatech GmbH was therefore looking for a suitable partner for the product development and series production of the CPTpatch. The requirements were clear: a flexible conductor track structure was needed for the wound dressing. The application must withstand several thousand volts without causing an electric shock. High precision in printing and punching is also important. This requires an optimal choice of material that is adapted to the medical application. In addition, attention should be paid to process-safe manufacturing as well as to the flexibility of the electronics.
Schreiner ProTech was chosen as the ideal development partner. The PlasmaPatch is a conductor structure made of a foil composite that generates the cold plasma. The product is precisely tailored to the conditions of the wound dressing. The very complex structure consisting of several functional layers ensures the full functionality of the plasma therapy. "With Schreiner ProTech's Competence Center PrinTronics, Coldplasmatech GmbH has gained the support of a real expert in the field of printed electronics," says a delighted Dr Carsten Mahrenholz, founder and managing director of Coldplasmatech.



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