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Carpet printing for more individuality, expression and harmony

It is not only in the hospitality sector that it is customary to immortalise one's logos and own graphics as well as pictures on the carpets. Especially in the private sector, the right carpet to match the furnishings is in high demand. Instead of spending months looking for the right piece, it can also be printed. By Sabine Slaughter

From door mats to carpet tiles to runners and entire floor coverings, almost all types can be printed. This is made possible by Zimmer Austria with its Colaris and Chromojet digital printers, which have over six decades of experience, including more than 45 years in digital printing.
The Colaris carpet printing solution was introduced in 2015 and is the high-resolution printer for today's market requirements. Ready-made solutions can be offered for a wide range of floor coverings, including contract and residential carpets, rugs, mats, tiles, from tufted, non-woven or even woven PA and PES substrates.
The heart of the Colaris printer is based on the robust and scratch-resistant FUJIFILM Dimatix Starfire GS-1024 printhead with ReadiJet and VersaDrop technology. The Starfire printhead is the only truly repairable printhead on the market. The company offers extended life with its Printhead Reconditioning Centre, which additionally helps to reduce the total cost of ownership for the print line.
A permanent ink circulation system with multi-stage filtration and degassing system ensures optimal printing conditions for precise print results.
Certified inks from manufacturers with the widest range of chemicals can be used. Thanks to this special feature, Colaris printers are able to print on almost all fibres available on the market. Fibres such as polyamide (nylon), polyester, cationic polyester, PAN (acrylic fibre), Sorona, as well as cotton, viscose, linen, jute, coconut fibres, wool and silk are just some of the well-known fibres printed with Colaris digital inkjet printers. Different fibres require different classes of ink. In most cases, the printers are only set up for one ink class. In a few exceptions, two individual ink classes can be combined in one print line. However, this is only possible with an identical fusing process.
Low operating costs and stable production are ensured by the printer's robustness and precision. Precise positioning and uncompromising fusing of the carpet substrate on the conveyor belt is a basic requirement. A permanent control of the belt transport in combination with a position-controlled linear drive for the print carriage ensures the highest precision during printing.

Electronic components such as fire pulse, data and head interface boards are developed by Zimmer Austria, as is the Colaris Print Engine, which stands for operator convenience and excellent print results. It offers numerous optional functions that can be licensed depending on the product or customer requirements. A comprehensive diagnostic system is part of the Print Engine and supports the worldwide service teams to minimise downtime in the event of a malfunction. Tele-Maintenance guarantees software support throughout the lifetime of a Colaris printer.
Other textiles printable
But not only carpets can be printed with Zimmer Austria printers. Camira-Print in the UK recently embellished bus seats with printed textiles. To increase the quality of the final product and refine the requirements, Camira first invested in a Colaris.12-1200 lab printer together with a post-print finishing line from Zimemr Austria to be able to develop printed transport fabrics on a lab scale in an environment close to production. An intensive optimisation process, which included modifications to the raw material and the search for the best chemistry, has proven that the high standards for transport fabrics can be met with printed wool moquette substrate.
Based on the findings of the Camira lab team, Zimmer Austria Digital Printing Systems developed the most economical process for mass production of the approved samples.
Within less than a year after the order was placed, the complex Colaris Digital Inkjet Print Line was developed, manufactured, delivered, installed and integrated into Camira's production facilities. Thanks to a professional team at the Camira site and Zimmer Austria's experience, the short lead time was mastered, even though the pandemic scenario kept both the customer and Zimmer under constant tension.



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