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Paperworld "Future Office": Intelligent solutions for effective teamwork

In 2020, the special presentation "Future Office" is dedicated to the topic of "Smart Solutions". At Paperworld, the leading international trade fair for innovative office solutions, everything in Hall 3.0 will revolve around the workplace of tomorrow - the right platform therefore for presenting intelligent solutions for modern collaborative work.

When it comes to tomorrow's world of work, digital transformation is the key term. Completely new forms of office work have already emerged through networking, interaction, and automation, such as remote work or co-working spaces. How will this evolve in future and what does this mean for the world of paper, office supplies and stationery products? These and other questions will be answered by experts at the "Future Office". At booth C51 in hall 3.0, the focus will be partly on digital tools, but far more on holistic approaches: "In the innovation area, we will present how traditional tools can be combined with digital elements to solve challenges in a smart way. In a series of lectures, product presentations, and with the help of best-practice examples, we will transport the future of the office world onto the physical stage in Frankfurt," says Michael Reichhold, Director of Paperworld.
"Smart Solutions" for communication, office space, and well-being
In the digital transformation process, intelligent solutions for modern collaborative work are in demand. The question is how to promote cooperation between decentralised teams, process large amounts of data, or make the conference room suitable for a combination of face-to-face and virtual meetings. The communication between work teams is closely linked to the design of the office space. Home office and remote work also play a decisive role. In addition, the "wellbeing factor" is highly appreciated by employees. All this must be combined in a modern office to ensure an attractive workplace in the age of New Work. For architects, planners, facility managers and dealers of office products in particular, the special exhibition offers practical input and the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts.
Expert presentations and guided tours in the "Future Office"
The programme on Saturday (25.1.2020) is addressed to facility managers, planners, and retailers in the office environment. Everything on this day revolves around New Work and digital transformation. Prima Vier Verlag is the cooperation partner. On Sunday (26.1.2020), the specialist retail sector takes centre stage. On this day, the focus is on fundamental developments in customers' information and purchasing behaviour, multi-channel solutions, and the question of how to inspire and retain customers. Sunday’s cooperation partner is Chmielorz Verlag. Monday (27.1.2020) and Tuesday (28.1.2020) are specifically designed for (interior) architects and facility managers. Both days are packed with expert lectures, and answer questions such as: What does the younger generation expect from digitisation in the workplace? How do we organise collaborative work and seclusion? How should offices be designed to fulfil different requirements? The cooperation partner is PSA Publishers / world-architects. In addition to the specialist talks, guided tours will be offered in the Innovation Area and to selected manufacturers in Hall 3.0. The event will be accompanied by a special publication on the subject of "Smart Solutions", which visitors will receive free of charge in the exhibition area.
Presentation areas for brand manufacturers
As well as the varied programme of lectures, several exhibitors will be presenting their product innovations and ideas for "Smart Solutions" in the area - among others Byok, Legamaster, Novus-Dahle and Wilkhahn. With an eye to the future of the office, Dennis Kopaß, Senior Marketing Manager at Legamaster, says: "Instead of the classic conference room, several smaller flexible rooms will be available, including visually separated meeting spaces and smart areas that can also be used spontaneously for an informal meeting. They will be equipped with a flipchart or a room-high writable wall, a high table and a couple of stools, so the room corresponds to its informal character. Digitisation will continue in parallel, but it will by no means replace analogue writing with a pen. It is far more likely that digital and analogue visualization will coexist and support each other. The product segment 'Moderating and Presenting' is showing clear growth. One clear factor is the enormous increase in office space in Germany. Whiteboards and writing surfaces are in great demand, and are more than just a trend theme. At the upcoming Paperworld, we will be presenting an exciting and well- thought-out solution that combines classic and digital presentation.
The "Future Office" area is the brainchild of renowned architect André Schmidt of Matter Architectural Office in Berlin, and combines lecture, exhibition and meeting zones.


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