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Even more success with POLAR BC 330

POLAR BC 330 helps Volkhardt Caruna Medien to be even more successful

How can you set yourself apart in the highly competitive German print market? Volkhardt Caruna Medien GmbH & Co.KG in the German town of Amorbach prefers to seek out projects of a special nature focusing on small or medium print runs. In order to ensure that these print products are also manufactured accurately and at high quality the offset and digital printing company with 35 employees recently installed a three-side trimmer BC 330 from POLAR.

Adhesive bindings are one of the products playing an important role at Volkhardt Caruna Medien. Knowing and expecting this segment to increase, they purchased an adhesive binder in 2013 and integrated it in their workflow. In addition to not being dependent in any way on external partners, the main reason was to quickly react to orders placed at short notice and to tight delivery periods. But there was one thing the people in charge only really became aware of after the investment had been made: The plan to cut all conventional print products, as well as those produced using the adhesive binder, using the POLAR guillotine-type cutter was unfeasible. The cutter became a bottleneck and its advantages were at risk of being canceled out. So the people in charge needed to think about a new solution.

A positive experience

This was something POLAR had to offer. Shortly before, they had presented their new three-side trimmer BC-330 to the public. In a comprehensive field test it had been adapted to the specific requirements. In November 2013, the machine was set up in Amorbach. About 15 months later, Volkhardt Caruna Medien managing director Josef Paul Foit is extremely satisfied: "With POLAR, we implemented a very good project and brought the already excellent three-side trimmer to a level that will further support not only us, but all future users." Optimizations included not only the speed at which the gripper takes up and rotates the object to be cut, but also the transport into the cutting unit.

Today, adhesive-bound products at Volkhardt Caruna Medien are cut automatically, whereby in contrast to the three-knife machine, the three-side trimmer uses only one knife and no format-dependent plunger. In Amorbach, formats from DIN A6 to DIN A4 can be processed directly one after the other without machine conversion, and even a product thickness of up to five centimeters is no problem. In total, up to 220 individual products or even up to 520 stacked one on top of the other can be cut automatically per hour.

Easy operation

The managing director is also delighted at how easy the machine is to operate. Operation is via an ergonomically positioned 18.5" touchscreen display, on which the operator enters the required data and starts the cutting program. While the BC330 is running, the employee can continue to work simultaneously on the adhesive binder. While managing director Foit is satisfied above all by better operations, the process improvements and sales opportunities are further reasons to be happy. "The production depth has been significantly increased, the products we bind ourself we can now finish directly afterward. In addition, thanks to the production opportunity, we can offer good customers adhesive binding as a free-of-charge extra.



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